Patented Aerospace Engineered Nano, Micro and Small Wind Power Systems 


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Robust Green Technology
Wind Power Systems develops economical green technology that provides clean, trouble-free energy in both static and mobile applications. Our systems are reliable, compact, easy to transport and assemble.


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Investment Opportunities
We are currently considering additional investment to assist in producing our Patented Aerospace Engineered line of compact Nano, Small & Micro Wind Turbines for customers and identified sectors nationwide. 

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Wind Power Systems™ (“WPS”) has developed a game-changing nautical engineered nano, micro and small vertical axis wind power system for deployment in commercial, residential, marine, and grid/off-grid environments. The patented Vortexis provides 20%-40% more energy output than conventional VAWT's on the market today. 

Our Unique Difference

The key differentiation for WPS is the Patented Vortexis Pre-Swirl Augmented Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (PA-VAWT). This novel airfoil is a design developed by major U.S. university aerospace scientists whose professional backgrounds include experimental aeronautical prototypes for NASA competitions. The result is an ultra-efficient, robust, earth-friendly, micro and small wind turbine with a unique blade Force Multiplier technology. The ground-breaking PA-VAWT technology generates significantly more power in less wind when compared with conventional VAWT's.

The Vortexis PA-VAWT is a Wind Energy Multiplier  




Aircraft engine engineered by aeronautical scientists

Efficient patented pre-swirled blade design creates more flow turning with less wind and 20%-40% more power output than conventional VAWTs

Novel Patented PA-VAWT blade design

Generates power with less wind creating more reliable source of energy

Accepts wind from any direction

Generates power in variable wind conditions/easier siting

Self-contained and compact

Flexible installation options

Lightweight and small

Easy to handle and less stress for rooftop installations

Easy to ship, transport and install

Lower costs

Easy to assemble

Unskilled labor/less time

Low noise with minimal vibration

Less obtrusive in any environment

Vertical axis design with Stator Blades

Reduced radar signature with no flicker

Appealing architectural/bird-friendly design

Better customer and community acceptance

Stator blades present solid exterior view Provides branding/promotional opportunities




Learn About Wind Power Systems Advanced Aerospace Design Difference                                                                                

Invest in clean energy and a more powerful future with aeronautical engineered patented technology from Wind Power Systems. We are designing easy-to- assemble wind turbines for a variety of sectors world-wide. Our novel Vortexis Pre-Swirl Augmented Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (PA-VAWT) is an affordable wind force multiplier. The unique system produces sustainable green energy in exceptionally low wind and has been designed to include a Horizontal (HAWT) turbine format, as well.

Learn More About Wind Power Systems

Contact us in Boca Raton, Florida, at (561) 299-4861 to learn more about high-efficiency, easy-to-assemble wind turbines.