A Position of Power 
Wind Power Systems™(WPS) challenges the status-quo of dependence on electric utilities by manufacturing a novel line of products specifically engineered to provide clean trouble free energy independence in a variety of static and mobile applications.
WPS’s high efficiency, Patent Pending, Black Swan™ line of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) for the commercial, residential, governmental, military,
and emergency “Small & Micro Wind” markets, is currently in full production phase.
The scientific research to optimize
the efficiency of the Black Swan™ design has resulted in a market differentiated, ultra-efficient wind powered system with significant blade size to capture and generate more energy from the lightest possible winds.
Production and delivery of Black Swan™ 400 Watt turbines for residential application were initiated in January, 2012 with anticipated monthly shipments of 25-50 units pending final customer approval.
WPS is currently finalizing designs for Black Swan™ units capable of producing 200, 3,000, and 5,000 Watts for a wide variety of dynamic market demands. Production commenced in April, 2012 in response to commercial and DOD contractor interest. A 5,000 Watt specialized motor/generator has also been identified for our vertical turbine blade testing. 
The Black Swan™ units feature extruded aluminum hardware for quality, ease of assembly/disassembly, and structural integrity. WPS is also exploring composite materials for our larger designs.
WPS is currently identifying firms that have the resources, experience, reputation, and technical reach to provide sales, installation design, engineering and customer service and support for our clients nationally and internationally.
WPS intends to develop Strategic Relationship agreements with highly respected engineering companies that will provide WPS the logistical support and organizational breadth to roll-out quickly on a National and International scale.
Additional Clean-tech areas that WPS is actively researching:
  • Mobile power solutions with solar, wind, and energy storage on a telescopic solution for DOD and commercial applications. 
  • Hi-capacity lithium battery technology that is compact and light weight.
  • Mobile custom electronic solutions to manage multiple sources of energy and load balancing.
  • Mobile trailers and telecommunication tower integrators to provide VAWT’s to power cameras, sensors, inverters, laser communications, satellite dishes, etc.
WPS turbines are compact and light weight for rooftop or pole mounted installation.  The units are easy to produce, transport, and install thus eliminating many of the challenges of traditional turbines. Specialized flat shipping containers are easily stacked, stored and shipped. Assembly typically requires only two people following simple instructions - ideal for export.
WPS initial production Black Swan™ systems will have rated power output of 200 Watts and 400 Watts.  Vertical turbines and generators for the 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 Watt units are being researched and will be tested and finalized in the fourth quarter of 2012.
Thank you for your interest in Wind Power Systems™, LLC.
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